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Tipton Times is the village magazine produced bi-monthly and started in 1969.  It is created, published and distributed by volunteers, delivered to villagers in and around Tipton, and posted to interested subscribers by its supporters.

We welcome contributions,photographs,letters and articles relating to village life and which will interest Tipton residents. We prefer submissions via email to the address below, but typed copy is also welcome.



Welcome to the June/July edition of Tipton Times. Midsummer offers the very best opportunities to enjoy our local environment and there is plenty in these pages to whet your interest in all it has to offer, together with lots of information about what’s going on in the next two months. We are very grateful to all the contributors who help to open our eyes to the world immediately around us.

Tipton Times has always tried to reflect the importance of the natural world and the way human beings relate to it, both in terms of the enjoyment of being outside in such a beautiful place and the ways our environment is managed by those who work in it: the farmers, gardeners and organisations dedicated to protecting and enhancing it.

Many readers will remember our regular ‘Field and Farm’ feature by Mary Bavidge, which tried to do just this, so we are very pleased in this issue to include a piece on Bowhayes Farm, which arose from a recent visit by part of the editorial team. It prompted us to think about how we could revisit this theme in future editions. So, if you are involved in horticulture or farming locally and would like to contribute or if you are interested in co-ordinating articles, please let us know.

Please see below Tony Pugh’s annual request for donations to support Tipton Times. We are very grateful to the generosity of readers who enable us to sustain its production.

The Editors

Dear Readers,

It is that time of the year to put out the begging bowl for your support for Tipton Times. We did well in our last financial year to keep expenses down but, as always, there are ups and downs. There was no expensive ink and no printer maintenance in 2018, but we have just paid a £300 bill for printer maintenance, and the moving of printing to the Community Hall has incurred additional expenses.

We would not only like financial help but welcome any interested volunteers in production and distribution to join our team, as some move on for various reasons and it is always good to have fresh people.

So I would ask that you make a contribution using the donation envelopes and hand to Alita at Tipton Village Stores or directly to me at Harpford Bank. Alternatively, you might like to make an on-line contribution or better still an annual debit or monthly standing order for a modest sum directly to Tipton Times: Lloyds Bank 30-94-36 A/C 01720384.

As ever, if you wish to examine our accounts at any time you only have to contact me or any of the editors. Thank you.

Tony Pugh, Treasurer


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Archive of previous editions is kept at the West Country Studies Library, Exeter Central Library, Castle Street Exeter.