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Tipton Times is the village magazine produced bi-monthly and started in 1969.  It is created, published and distributed by volunteers, delivered to villagers in and around Tipton, and posted to interested subscribers by its supporters.

We welcome contributions,photographs,letters and articles relating to village life and which will interest Tipton residents. We prefer submissions via email to the address below, but typed copy is also welcome.




This will be an editorial full of thank-yous!

First of all: there very nearly was no Tipton Times this time. Last Thursday, Barbara’s master computer suffered a catastrophic Back to Basic (total loss of all documents, pictures, with files completely blank). You can imagine the ensuing sleeplessness, especially on the eve of the Bank Holiday weekend!

Fortunately, the information wasn’t totally lost, as an A&E visit to Ottery confirmed, and we were promised all our files on a memory stick by the end of Friday. Returning for the information to temporarily load to a laptop, we were so delighted to learn our humble magazine had been given quick attention and the whole computer was ready for discharge, all perky and worky. Sincere thanks to Alan Stacey and Greg of Ottery Office and Computer. Great work, guys! We are most grateful.

We’d also like to express our thanks to deliverers Margaret and Graham Hembury, who have been in on TT in various ways since the very beginning: enjoy a well-earned retirement. And welcome and many thanks to Gill and Allen Marks for taking over their round.

We are also most grateful to Haylor Lass, who gave us such a very timely reminder of the Great Flood 50th Anniversary, supplying many photographs too. The result has been a fascinating article on Pages 28 and 29.

While on this historical note we are delighted that Ann Knight is intending to launch her 'Past and Present, a History of a Devon Village' book under the umbrella of Tipton Times. The plan is to bring it out in 2019, our 50th Anniversary year, with any profit going to TT funds. Due to high publishing costs, Ann is seeking sponsorship funding and will be applying for grants towards the cost of publication. Anyone with ideas, connections or a touch of generosity should contact Ann on annknight@gmx.com Tel: 812040.

We would also like to draw everyone’s attention to David Boyle’s article relating to the upcoming referendum on the Neighbourhood Plan, which will be conducted by EDDC on 21st June, based on procedures similar to those used at local government elections. This is a great opportunity for members of the local community to get behind those on the working group, enabling us all to have a say on the future development of our community. Feniton held a referendum in May and voted 94% in favour of their Neighbourhood Plan. Hopefully the Tipton community will show a similar level of engagement with our own Neighbourhood Plan.

See you at the polling station! The Editors

Dear Reader,

It is that time of the year to put out the begging bowl and I ask for your support for the upkeep and continuance of our village newspaper.

Taking note from accounts for our last financial year, our operating costs were up from £1,495 to £1,984. This was explained by an unexpectedly large printer maintenance cost and a heavy purchase of printing ink. More sophisticated production gives us a more attractive magazine but when things go wrong, it’s expensive! Also, inflation is always present and we constantly have to bear in mind the building up of reserves to cover machinery costs. We use two different printers (one for colour; one for the economy of black and white) and a computer. Repairs/replacements could be needed any time.

We would not only like financial help but offers of assistance in the running, production and distribution. There is a solid core of volunteers who have been doing Tipton Times for a long time but it would be good to have some fresh energy and input. Tipton Times uses Microsoft Publisher presently and of course we would offer on-the-job-training.

So, I would ask that you make a contribution using the donation envelopes and hand or post through the door to Alita at the Village Store or directly to me at Harpford Bank.

Alternatively, you might like to make an on-line contribution or, better still, an annual debit or a monthly standing order for a modest sum directly to the Tipton Times. Lloyds Bank 30-94-36 A/C 01720384

As ever, if any of you wish to examine our accounts at any time you only have to contact me or any of the Editors.

We also gratefully acknowledge the grant of £300 from Ottery Town Council - a testament of their recognition of the community value of our - your - magazine, the Tipton Times.

Thank you. Tony Pugh, Treasurer

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Archive of previous editions is kept at the West Country Studies Library, Exeter Central Library, Castle Street Exeter.