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Tipton Times is the village magazine produced bi-monthly and started in 1969.  It is created, published and distributed by volunteers, delivered to villagers in and around Tipton, and posted to interested subscribers by its supporters.

We welcome contributions,photographs,letters and articles relating to village life and which will interest Tipton residents. We prefer submissions via email to the address below, but typed copy is also welcome.



Inevitably, the main talking point for this issue is the hugely successful weekend of
celebrations to mark the fiftieth anniversary of Tipton Playing Field. The organising committee, chaired by Ann Knight, did a wonderful job of co-ordinating everyone’s efforts in what turned out to be a genuinely collaborative effort, which brought the village out in force. As Chairman of the PFA I have recorded my thanks to all those concerned in the Playing Field article on page 21.
It might be worth spending a few lines of this editorial to reflect on the hugely generous and ambitious character of our village. In considering the possibility of a Village Fair to mark the anniversary celebrations, Tipton says,

    “No, let’s have a live music event as well, and a disco and hog roast; while we’re at it, why don’t we organise an art show and a produce show, too? Alongside the Fair, with all the stalls run by village organisations, we should have the ‘school sports’, a tug of war and the scouts’ boat race (that’s when they’re not tending the barbecue). Oh. And we can also fit in the annual 10K Rail and River Run and Children’s Fun Run on Saturday morning. Rather than put our feet up on the Sunday, we can hold a church service in the marquee, followed by the village photograph and, in the afternoon, anyone left on their feet could enjoy a barn dance. Also, let’s make sure that there is plenty of food and drink throughout the weekend to keep everyone contented."

None of the above could ever have happened without the energy and commitment of the
organising committee. Their greatest achievement was to get so many folk engaged and
inspired. Let’s give thanks quietly that we are lucky enough to live in the place we do.
And from the Editors, our thanks for the ‘dividend’ (to be awarded on 10th August) from the organisers for our small part in making the weekend such a memorable one.
Looking ahead, you may want to apply for your tickets as soon as possible for an evening with the Vine brothers - yes two Vines this time, as Jeremy is joined by his brother Tim on Saturday 7th October. As always, Jeremy (and his brother this time) quietly and generously gives his time and effort in the same way as the rest of us volunteers - our little village could not achieve the things we do otherwise. The Press being what it is, we hasten to remark with pride that we are getting two Vines for the price of none!
For details of the evening and bookings, please read the blue flyer in these pages. As you will see from the sheet, interest is expected to be very high for tickets in the limited space of our Community Hall.

                            David Birch, Paula Faulkner, Barbara Pugh


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