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Computing @ the Community Hall



Fibre Broadband has now been fitted in the Community Hall.  We have tested speeds of 49mbs which is a massive improve cents over our old system.  Speeds are likely to fluctuate over the next 10 days settling in period.

When searching for wi-fi spots on your computer/device, you will see TSJCOMMHALL, click on this to  connect.  Password and these login details are displayed on various notice boards and points in the Hall.  Any problems contact me, (my details are at the  bottom on this page). 


Tipton St John Village Web Site

 We continue to run the village web site, and have just recently exceeded some 16000 visits, we know that there are many people outside of the area who visit and have links with the village or represent organisations that wish to make contact with other organisations of a like nature. 

However, to ensure that most people get benefit from this it is essential that the web site contains up to date and relevant information about organisations, and activities occurring within the village. We are a very small team that run this site, and whilst we are prepared to do all the necessary work to get information onto the site, what we do require is the raw information to work with. 

Regular and frequent postdates to a site is the best way to attract traffic and make the site relevant. So just a plea for more information, if you or your organisation is active then please let us know your programme, and contact us monthly to provide details and updates. If you contribute to the Tipton Times why not send us a copy of your items for the web site. 

There is a cost to running the web site on an annual basis, there has been a reluctance on the part of some organisations to contribute towards the small cost we were asking.   We have now agreed that the Community Hall will bear the cost of this, so there is no charge going forward.  Along with the high speed broadband facilities your Community Hall is providing a good service to the community.  All we ask is that you let us know what is going on in the village and your organisation , all you have to do is get the information to us and we will do the rest. (Remember we rely on you to give us the information)

Please help us try and keep the village on the map and up to date with what's going on, thanks

Martin Dace Tipton St John Computer Group

email: or
Telephone:Mobile +44 (0)7909   602 097
Web site:

I would mention that as I am retired and because of various health issues, and other commitments that I will not be providing a voluntary support function as hitherto at people homes.   I am quite happy however to attend to any issues that users may have at either of our General Query sessions or  before or after other normal sessions at the Community Hall subject to prior agreement and appointment.  I can recommend a number of other commercial sources of support locally if required.

Martin Dace - Tipton St John Computer Group

email: or
Telephone:Mobile +44 (0)7909 602 097

Check our diary below for Computer Workshop dates (2014/15 Winter programme details be shown, when dates are confirmed)

For fuller information on our courses and other matters please see items below this calendar.

We are always looking for people with computer knowledge to help assist us in our sessions so if you think you can assist people to get involved with computers and wish to help then please contact us

Martin Dace

Computer Group Tipton St John Community Hall.

07909 602 097  or